Welcome to ACO STYLES

Together, we strive to build a self- sufficient ecosystem of Black Girlhood that radically fights facism and far- right misogynoir, and politically advocates for Black women and girls. ACO STYLES primarily serves young girls of color from adolescents to emerging adults in the Greater Boston Area.

The Mission

ACO STYLES’ mission is to give advanced meaning to the complexities and excellence that come with being Black, by centering Black women through developmental science, dance, and fashion. ACO STYLES aims to create a nurturing and growth-oriented space for young black girls and girls of color in order to help them prosper in academia, dance as well as the fashion industry.

Help Us Accomplish our mission

Goals for ACO STYLES

  • Work towards creating a performing arts center for Dance and Theater
  • Conduct Workshops in Afro-Caribbean and Modern Dance
  • De-centring Eurocentric standards of fashion and design through creative collaborations to subvert stereotypes against Black Women
  • Using Developmental Science to promote positive youth development
  • Have regular meetings with BIPOC academicians applying for undergraduate and graduate programs