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“Your silence will not protect you” – Audre Lorde

Without community building, one cannot understand the desires of others  that will allow them to live a beautiful life.

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Alexandria Onuoha (she/her) is a first year PhD student of Applied Developmental Psychology at Suffolk University, Boston. She studies right-wing ideologies and white supremacy and their impacts on race, sexuality, and youth development. Alexandria received her B.A. in Psychology & Dance at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine where she was extremely active on campus and off campus in efforts to shift Bates and Lewiston into an anti-racist community. She is originally from the Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts area but currently lives in Malden, Massachusetts. She is the daughter of a wonderful Jamaican mother and she is also half Nigerian.

Because Alexandria was interested in fashion and in dance in high school she created ACO STYLES. It was simply an instagram page where she showed how she would put different clothing together and she would style her friends for fun. When she arrived at Bates College and took dance courses she developed a stronger love for dance. Having a Jamaican mother who danced when she was young also influenced Alexandria’s decision to study dance. It was in her blood. Alexandria realized that these two passions relate to how she sees herself in the world and how she feels about her body and spirit. She started expanding ACO STYLES by intertwining fashion, Afro-Caribbean dance, and her psychological studies for women and girls of color in order to promote high vibrations in the mind, body, and spirit.

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The Different Sides of Alex

  • Developmental Scientist
  • Political Acttivist
  • Doctoral Student
  • Fashonista
  • Womanist
  • Dancer
  • Community Organizer
  • Womanist