At the core

” Your silence will not protect you” – Audre Lorde

My last name “Onuoha” is Igbo which is a language and ethnic group of Southeastern Nigeria. Onuoha means “Mouth of the People” in English, and that is at the core of who I am and what I hope my research aims to do. I am one person with a few experiences. Without community building, one cannot understand the desires of others  that will allow them to live a beautiful life.

My mission is to be a shining light to the world through my dedication to diversity, inclusion, and equity through an applied model of developmental psychology that moves in health, policy, and education spaces. As a believer in Christ, I know he has called me to do this work. Like Lorde says “your silence will not protect you” and my being, my research, my life is all about disrupting oppressive systems in order for marginalized communities to live a full, fair, and healthy life.

  • Challenge Right-Wing Extremism
  • Prevent Fascist + Racist Ideas That Can Influence Youth
  • Empower Black Girls + Black Women
  • Push Black Men To Support Black Women
  • Reform Policies That Impact POCs
  • Highlight & Support Community Organizers
  • Educate Youth on Sexuality

My Research Areas + Interests

White Supremacy
Right-Wing Ideologies
​Misogynist Extremism
​Public Policy 

Adolescent Sexuality Development
Sexual Violence Prevention
Afro-Caribbean Dance + Sexuality

Black Feminist Thought
​Black Girls
Black Women
Black Sexuality