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The most beautiful thing about life is that you have a new slate everyday to be better than what you were the day before. You always have the option to be great and be happy every day you wake up. Unfortunately, even when you are going above and beyond there are those who will either never be satisfied or simply not be happy for you at all. It is so frustrating and causes some to have this feeling of melancholy because most of the time it is our so called “friends” that are the cause for us not having our joy.

Some of us are in school, starting businesses, traveling so we can position ourselves for success and also to impact the world. In order for us to complete the mission or complete our goals we have to be around those who want to see us be joyful and win. We have to repudiate those who want to be in our life who are clearly toxic for us because when we invite people who are illustrating virulent behavior we become a byproduct of that. Thus, we lose our sight of joy.

So… based on my experience I have categorized the types of friends that are in this world!

The Convenient Friend
The Quiet Friend
The Trusted Friend

First, The Convenient Friend is a person who only reaches out to you when it benefits them. Furthermore, you will not hear from them in months, but once they see you doing good or making moves they want to be apart of that. It is great that they want to be apart of your success, but what would of made it better was if they were struggling with you before you got to where you are. It is imperative that you pay attention to these types of friends because when it comes down to it, your well being and your mental state of mind is frivolous to them and they don’t want any parts of the episodes of when you’re down at your worst.

Second, The Quiet Friend is a person who does not contribute anything constructive to your life. They do not give you advice, they do not compliment you, they simply are just around and you constantly wonder why. These are the people who are legit silent when people may say negative things about you and do not defend you in your absence. You can have a quiet friend, but this type of quiet should not be tolerated.

Lastly, The Trusted Friend is the only type of friend that should be present in your realm. This person is your confidant, your companion, and sometimes even your soulmate. This person represents a mother’s love because they love you unconditionally. They have seen you through the worst and still think you are the greatest person. They are not envious and want you to succeed. They will challenge you which may lead to arguments but they want to see you dominate the world. This is the friend where you can sing and dance loud in public and you both look like fools! This is the friend that will have a long speech at your wedding and embarrass you in a loving way.

Keep this friend because this friend will help keep your joy for eternity.

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