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Queen Elizabeth & The Royal Wedding

It feels great to be back home in Boston with my mother, my family, and my friends. London has supplied me with a plethora of fashion ideas and life lessons to take with me. I went to London for a short term abroad trip that will fulfill a graduation requirement for me. I studied Shakespeare and got to see Shakespeare’s most popular plays at the best theaters in the world in London. Furthermore, I went to places like Shoreditch and Notting Hill that have artsy neighborhoods and awesome restaurants. London was truly a blessing and it elucidated my belief that traveling is vital to self-expansion. I believe that traveling brings out a curious side to a person and that is such a beautiful thing because it helps you grow as a person and be more aware of other cultures and vernaculars.

To continue, I was able to go to the British Museum in Bloomsbury, London. This museum consisted of exhibitions from artists like Edgar Degas and Vincent Van Gogh. This trip influenced my love for art in a positive way. Usually when I look at art, I always try to come up with an explanation and most of the time that disrupts the beauty of just looking and appreciating art. Moreover, one thing that I was curious about with the British Museum and other Museums like the Victoria and Albert Museum is how the museums were able to get all these beautiful artifacts from countries like Greece, India, and Nepal. There was one sculpture of the Hindu god Shiva that was at the Victoria and Albert Museum that I was drawn to. My friend Sukanya who is Indian had told me the story of Shiva and I was deeply into the conversation. However, she told me something that disturbed my spirit. She had said that the British stole all of these beautiful items right from India. I know this shouldn’t be a surprise but it was for me. I am not the most intelligent when it comes to History. The British exploited the Indians in the 1800s and purloined majority of their resources and artifacts. Now it is the property of the queen and recently India has asked for their sculptures and other art materials back. They have not received anything back. Although there are great things about the UK, there history is one that is not a perfect one.

One last thing that I want to talk about is the Royal Wedding. I think that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make a beautiful couple. I appreciate her adding her blackness to the wedding because I feel like the topic of race in the UK is one that is overlooked and they don’t address it. Additionally, I appreciate the message that the pastor gave in his sermon about loving everyone despite the differences that arise. However, people need to stop thinking that this is a game changer. Racism in this world is real and having a princess who is biracial is not going to fix that. It is great to have some color in the Royal Family but let’s not act like this is actually going to change the political climate in which we are in. Let’s be real if Prince Harry married a black woman who had a lot of melanin, the internet, the news, and the UK would have some thoughts about that and I am not 100% confident that those thoughts would be positive.

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