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Every day we all scroll down our Instagram feed and see Instagram models, celebrities, and even people you may know showing off their bodies, money, and other things. A lot of us compare ourselves to those people and the material things they may have. Honestly, being a 19 year old woman of color in college and seeing people who honestly don’t really have to do anything but they have all these nice things is mind boggling to me and sometimes makes me a bit livid. Sometimes I think to myself “when will my time come, where I am extremely successful?” and “When will women with natural bodies who are intelligent come back in style?”. I never want to judge anybody of how they look, but nowadays it seems like society wants the over exaggerated small waist and huge butt. Not everyone is born like that, and also what makes the world special is that everyone is different. It is extremely hard for women to ever be satisfied with how they look because of specific beauty standards.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are great and God loves every flaw that you have, because he created that flaw which makes you different and beautiful. To me, a flaw doesn’t really mean a flaw, rather it means peculiar and special. God created you in his image and he never wants you to look at other people but look to him because he is beauty. Through him you can find your beauty.

At times it is hard not to analyze someone else and compare them to you. However, that is not healthy and in fact cause you to overthink. Don’t worry you are more than perfect. You have to learn to love yourself. Additionally, if there is something that you do not like about yourself fix it! Go to the gym, get a new hairstyle, treat yourself, as long as you are doing it for you and nobody else. I honestly think that loving yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do but you can do it.

We are all born with a different purpose, and that purpose has nothing to do with what we have and how we look. It’s about how we can impact people by what we say, think, and do. After all, if the world was blind, what else would we have to offer to other people?

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