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I am a bit late with this one BUT…

A few weeks ago, Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among 50 wealthy people whom prosecutors allege paid to get their children into elite colleges. The FBI has discovered William Singer to be the ringleader of this well thought out scandal. Many people that have learned about this story are not aware that this scandal has been present between 2011 and 2018. Wealthy parents have been paying approximately $25 million over these years to William Singer. Singer, who used the money to fake test scores and bribe coaches and faculty is also under scrutiny. Some of the elite colleges that are involved in facilitating the scandal are USC, Yale, and Georgetown.

As I was watching videos and reading different articles on this issue, I came across an interview that Loughlin did where she was discussing the importance of hard work. I literally fell out my chair and laughed. This is the same rhetoric that white elitist use when they argue that marginalized communities do not contribute to society. Scandals like these are the reason why several people argue against the phrase “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. This phrase is nonsense when you have people who are privileged and white that are cheating the system. I find her views about hard work ironic. Now, I am a current college student and woman of color, I find this to be extremely unacceptable and disgraceful. I attend a predominately white institution (PWI) that is filled with wealthy students whose parent donate to the school. This scandal has caused me to really wonder what goes on behind the scenes with these “donations”.

At many institutions, there are white and black students who are wealthy that take the blessing of receiving a good education as a joke. However, the black student who is wealthy still has to be conscious about their decisions. The black student can be wealthy all they want, but their skin color speaks more than their money in the society we live in. That is simply my opinion. If we dive deeper, black students who attend PWIs know that we always have to work twice as hard to make it through and get an education to give back to our communities and families. Equally important, this is disheartening to all students who have worked hard in high school. They have dedicated a plethora of hours to make and shape their college essays, and spent large amounts of money on SAT prep. They are qualified but because they do no not have the financial capacity (and other factors), they get over looked.

Honestly, it must be nice to be white, wealthy, and privileged. While students of color are continually battling with thoughts of not belonging at their institution, we have people like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman cheating the system so that their daughters can post on social media that they go to an elite school and do nothing but party. Administrators in higher education need to have their eyes closely on their admission offices. Thank you, next.

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