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I stopped following The Shaderoom, and I have been thinking about talking to you all about it. It seems random, but I have been observing them for a while now and there are some things that I am not pleased with.

Ok! I know that it is called The Shaderoom for a reason, but I don’t understand why people rather follow The Shaderoom than follow an Instagram account that GENUINELY uplifts black people. They have social media accounts and they also have a website, if I am not mistaken. Now, in the black community we tend to joke a lot and “roast” one another, and if you read the comments in the Shaderoom, some of the comments are just silly comments that are not harmful. However, there are comments that are just outright provocative and distasteful. When The Shaderoom posts positive events, people, and discussion topics that actually uplift the black community the comment section continues to prove my point why social media is the devil. Those who know me, understand that have a great sense of humour. Nevertheless, I still will call out flaws and if something does more harm than good, I will be vocal about it.

The reason why The Shaderoom has more than 10 million followers on Instagram is purely for entertainment. I am no way saying that I am perfect, but I refuse to spend most of my time scrolling on their page just to see some bullshit. Even when they post positive things, the comments are horrendous. This is because, The Shaderoom has built their brand off of bashing the black community. If you know the history of The Shaderoom and similar accounts like MediaTakeOut, you know that it is much better now than it was before. I still think the brand is problematic. They will post certain things and people that they know will spark a negative reaction and negative dialogue in the comments.

I want to see more black love among everyone. I want to see The Shaderoom shout out educators and professionals who are not famous but still make an impact in their communities. The black community, we need to stop praising these Instagram women who only show their ass and these trap mumble rap men who are always going to prison. We are choosing these people as a representation for the black community because we support them, and that is how they end up on our timeline causing verbal abuse in the comment section. I am not saying that TheShaderoom should be completely eradicated. A black woman created it in order to support herself which is beautiful. However, The Shaderoom should monitor some of the comments that are made. And yes they are just comments but the comments are pretty distasteful.

Why do we have to be shady towards each other all the time? I rather us roast the hell out of white supremacy and white people who think they are superior than us. The representations on The Shaderoom’s Instagram account spreads throughout media. It is a public account so everyone white and black can see it. That is how they destroy us. We have to use media to our advantage and not go against each other in the damn comment section and in what we post. We can still roast one another from time to time in a family type of way, but when the jokes become harmful that’s when the fun for me stops. So, I unfollowed The Shaderoom. It’s like a family member that you have to love from a distance.

I was not gaining any new knowledge from following it. I still support black brands but this one I am not too pleased with right now. Especially because it shows me that the black community does not value or uplift black women. We are the only race that will create some shit called The Shaderoom and bash our own people. Not saying white people are any better but we can do better and we can be the example if we want to.

Let me know what you all think!

(I am in Denmark and will be writing about my experience so far soon, just wanted to share this first because I been thinking about it for a while now)

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