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If you are appalled or offended by this piece of writing, YOU are part of the problem.

Now sis, I have been watching CNN and other platforms post videos, have discussions about BBQ Becky, Permit Patty, and situations where political commentators like Nina Turner tell the truth about racism in this country. I see hate. Specifically when it comes to the black queens.

Malcom X said it best when he stated that “the most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the black woman”. This statement that was brought to the world in 1962 is still relevant today and it is saddening that it is relevant. I could list a profusion of ways and reasons why black women matter and what they have created to make America a decent country. But I won’t today. Americans love to scream out to the world that we are the freest country in the world. In reality, we are not free until everyone else is. How can black women be free when their opinions are labeled as “heightened” or “aggressive” ? It is in our rights to state our opinion and have freedom of speech. But I guess that doesn’t apply to black women when we actively speak out against the bigotry, misogyny, and the flaws of this country. Furthermore, you cannot instigate an argument that someone is clearly passionate about and then when they have a strong rebuttal that cannot be challenged, you use trigger words that are stereotypical to dehumanize them. Have several seats.

​White women in particular have a serious problem and they are so clouded that they do not even see it. The problem is white feminism. It is a thing and when you deny it, not only are you not aware of your privilege, you are adding to the ignorance and it’s not a good look. White feminism is equal rights and respect for white women ONLY. Simple. White women who focus only on the struggle that they have are white feminist. O LORD! White feminists are those that speak on issues that don’t really affect minority women and only affect them. White feminists are those that tell black women they are too aggressive when they are reacting to something that they instigated. White feminist are those that only include women of color for events and or discussions just to appear to society that they are seeking diversity but they are not actually creating change . That is tokenizing a women of color. The stuff white women care about while black women are literally trying to make it home to their families is very appalling. Now, I have my own experiences dealing with white women because I got to a PWI (predominantly white institution) . That was my choice because I genuinely like my school which is Bates College. That does not mean I will be blind to the white feminist bullshit I see. When you are the only black woman in your social psychology class, and the topic of racial profiling or racial stereotypes come in, and you state facts about the reality of what ALL black people deal with and you have Becky that gets offended and plays the victim like she was discriminated against. That is white feminism, that is white women tears, and I am not buying and I am going to walk right on by it. Next, some people will say “what about black men?” Yes, black men have dealt with an abundance of racial issues. However, this post is about black women because believe it or not some black men are just as bad as the white feminist I am talking about (sips tea). That’s another conversation.

The Black Woman is the most beautiful creature that God put on this earth. Your favorite white celebrities steal and appropriate the very thing black women are ridiculed for. Your favorite family the Kardashians exploit black culture to become labeled as “self-made”. Black women who are in control of their bodies are a threat and subject to the white women gaze.

​ I am tired of this foolishness. So I had to write about it. Last point, not all white women are problematic. However, I am not going to use the word “some” because my original points are a direct response to the oppression (like when people say “F**** THE POLICE as a direct response to police brutality) It is leaning towards a hyperbole so that everyone can be accountable.

On a positive note, in order for women to come together we have to realize that feminism includes all colors, races, class, and economic status. Feminism must be intersectional in order to make effective change. I want real feminism. Feminism that is intersectional.


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